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This section of our website provides details about our marketing communications company that combines a variety of technologies and skills to produce sophisti-
cated designs for branding, marketing materials and marketing campaigns

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Luke Melton & Latitude 28 Design and Marketing — ABOUT US

Latitude 28 Design and Marketing is a marketing communications company in the Tampa Bay Region of Florida that specializes in creating corporate identities and branding for businesses, and in designing the full range of marketing materials businesses need to let the world know who they are and why the world should purchase their products and services.

Our products include: marketing campaigns, marketing materials, websites and video that help our clients become well-known in the marketplace, help position them as the “go to” companies in their fields, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

The navigation bar on the left side of this page provides an idea of the range of marketing materials and services we offer — marketing brochures, bifold and trifold fliers, postcards, superior digital photography, video production...and more.

With over twenty-five years of experience, we have been successful because we really listen to our clients, and strive to understand our client’s needs and what they expect to receive as a result of trusting us with their marketing projects. And then we keep these needs and expectations firmly in mind as we design a project.

We are always aware that we are working for our clients, and that they know their businesses better than we do. Of course, drawing on our many years of experience in the marketing communications business we never hesitate to offer guidance regarding what we believe will best produce the results a client desires but we know that the client has final approval.

We view our relationship with our clients as one of deep trust, and we take our responsibility to fulfill our clients’ needs and expectations very seriously.

To gain addiitonal insight regarding our corporate philosophy and confidence
in how we work with clients, we suggest that our website visitors read the
Questions For Us” and “Testimonials” sections of the site (click on the
link in the naviigation bar to the left or at the top of the page).

Founded in 1988, Latitude 28 Design and Marketing is a sole proprietorship. Our owner and creative director is Luke Melton. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Vanderbilt University, and a Masters Degree in Digital Design from the University of Georgia. Over the course of his professional career, Luke has been an Art Director or Creative Director with a number of companies, and has experience as a magazine editor and production manager for several publishing firms.

Although we have only one “official” employee, over the years we have developed valuable and productive relationships with other creative professionals in the Tampa Bay Area, and we often bring outside talent in to collaborate with us on projects when we feel that having the benefit of their particular skills and experience will help us produce the best product for a client. We have a stable of copywriters, editors, illustrators, photographers, video production experts, etc. with whom we have worked over the years, and whom we trust to provide the same excellent service for our clients as we ourselves do.