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the deliverables a client receives when a project is completed.

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The "deliverables" you will receive from Latitude 28 Design and Marketing when your project is completed cover a range of digital files, formats, color spaces, etc., depending on the type of project it is. Following is a list of representative deliverables for files that will go to print, files that will go to the web, and files associated with video projects.

Final source files are always provided in the "native" format of the application (Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, Microsoft Word®, etc) in which they were designed, and are burned to CD or DVD, as appropriate.

Final native source files, when appropriate, are always archived in their layered form, so that individual layers can be easily accessed and edited if the client wishes to later make changes.

In addition to native source files, graphic files (photos, illustrations, graphs, etc.) that have been imported into source files are also provided on CD or DVD.

Although it's important to have layered files available, there are many uses for which layered files are not usable (when files go to print, for example, or are to be posted to the web). In these instances, flattened files must be created from the native, layered files.

Latitude 28 Design and Marketing always provides flattened files as part of the deliverables package. Although these files are flattened, they may be saved in a variety of digital formats, as discussed below.under "File Format" in the chart below.

In addition, files are provided in a variety of color spaces, depending on how the client has told us they intend to use the files. Files that will be printed by a commercial printer, for example, must be supplied to the printer in the "Process Color Space" (CMYK color), whereas files intended to by used on a company's web site must be saved in the RGB or Greyscale color space.

As shown in the following chart, final files are provided as deliverables in several appropriate formats and color spaces to facilitate use in a wide variety of media.

If you have questions concerning source files, flattened files, file formats or color spaces, please contact us.

In addition to digital files, deliverables may include printed proofs of files, as appropriate.

Deliverables for video projects include all source footage use to put together the final video, whether the source footage was provided originally by the client, was shot by Latitude 28 Design and Marketing, or was puchased from a video image bank.

In addition to the source footage, the client will naturally receive the final, fully-edited video, in a format previously mutually agreed up by the client and Latitude 28 Design and Marketing.

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