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This part of our Portfolio presents Bifolds and
Trifolds that Luke Melton
has designed.

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Luke Melton — BIFOLDs/TRIFOLDs 1

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This trifold brochure was designed by Luke Melton to help Westshore Communications, a Tampa, Florida-based firm, promote their range of cell-phone services. The brochure was designed to be used as both a mailer (note the mailing panel in the center of the three panels above), and as a "leave behind" marketing piece to be used by the Westshore Communications sales force.

— Scroll down to view the inside pages of this trifold —

Below is a view of the three inside panels of this trifold brochure.As you may be able to tell from the similarity of the design of the two trifold brochures, the firm Deliver My is a wholly-internet-based sales subsidiary of Westshore Communi-cations; you can view the Deliver My marketing trifold brochure on page 1 of this section of our web site.

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