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This part of our Portfolio presents Illustrations that
Luke Melton has designed.

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The graphic above is a portion of an illustration Luke Melton created for Planet Partnership, a firm in Tampa, Florida that advises corporations on improving the sustain- ability of their businesses. To view the full illustration, which was primarily used in several of the firm's PowerPoint® presentatons, please CLICK HERE.


The art of illustration has been one of the mainstays of Latitude 28 Design and Marketing's business over the years. We use Adobe Systems' wonderful illustration software, Adobe Illustrator®.

Although illustration per se does not constitute a major part of our work, we nearly always use Illustrator® when designing logos, and often employ the software's unique capabilities to create specific elements within graphic images we design, and then import them into other software, such as Adobe Photoshop® and Corel Painter®, to create a final image.

This section of our web site features a few of the illustrations we have created. In most cases, we display the final image, and then, as a "rollover" image, show the "wire frame" view that the graphic designer, working in Adobe Illustrator®, sees as the image is being built (see explanation below). This can give you a feel for the relative complexity of creating what many people consider simple "drawings," and the skill required to create an illustration that meets a client's specific needs.

Note that for many images you can position your mouse's on-screen cursor over an illustration to view a "rollover" wire frame image of the illustration; this is the view that a graphic designer, while creating an illustration, refers to to create elements of the illustration. We encourage you to check out the wire frame views, since comparing the wire frame view with the final illustration gives you a clearer idea of some of the skills a graphic designer must call on to create a sophisticated digital illustration.


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Luke Melton has designed