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This part of our Portfolio presents Illustrations that
Luke Melton has designed.

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Luke Melton — ILLUSTRATIONs 2

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This is the cover for a jazz album featuring the renowned jazz trumpeter Ruby Braff, and the inimitable jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. Also featured are two of Bucky's sons, jazz singer John Pizzarelli and jazz bassist Martin Pizzarelli.

Arbors Records has selected the album title "Ruby Braff and the Flying Pizzarellis," so when Latitude 28 Design and Marketing received the job of creating the album cover the natural concept was to have the musicians pictured in vintage aircraft. Arbors also requested that the cover image be created in a somewhat whimsical style.

Using Adobe Illustrator to design the two airplanes, and Adobe Photoshop to composite most of the remaining visual elements, Latitude 28 created the above cover. Here, the two imaginary airplanes (created in Adobe Illustrator®) are piloted by the enlarged heads of Ruby, Bucky, John and Martin (all clipped from photos of the musicians shot during the recording session).. Two supporting musicians, jazz pianist Ray Kennedy and drummer Jim Gwinn, are pictured parachuting through the cloudy blue sky behind the two aircraft. The parachutes were created in Adobe Illustrator® and Ray's and Jim's heads, clipped from photograps, are composited onto bodies that were designed in Illustrator®.

Above is a "wire frame" view of the red aircraft as it appeared to the graphic designer on his computer monitor as he designed it in Adobe Illustrator®.

Roll your cursor over the wire frame image above to toggle to
the filled in, full color version of the Adobe Illustrator® airplane.

Once the Illustrator® image was completed, the image was imported into Adobe Photoshop® where final touches, such as shading, highlights, shadows, texturing and additional details were added to produce the final closeup view of the lead aircraft, piloted by Ruby and Bucky, you see below. Again, although the plane is a product of design work in both Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®, the heads were clipped from photographs shot in the recording studio, modified and composited into position "in the cockpits" with Adobe Photoshop®.

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