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This part of our Portfolio presents Illustrations that
Luke Melton has designed.

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Luke Melton — ILLUSTRATIONs 3

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The graphic above is an illustration of a Coastal Radar System that Latitude 28 Design and Marketing created for Dynex Corporation, the manufacturer.

Roll your cursor over the greyscale image of the radar above to toggle from
the greyscale image to view the "wire frame" version the graphic designer
sees as he or she is creating the image in Adobe Illustrator®.

The illustration was originally created as a line-art technical illustration in Adobe Illustrator®, using two photos of the machine as visual guides. The line-art version had no shading or highlights to give the image a realistic, 3-dimensional look.

Grey-scale shading was added later when Latitude 28 was asked to convert the line-art version into one suitable for use in a marketing piece. That resulted in the illustration you
see above.

Later, the graphic was modified again to produce a color version to be used in a magazine advertisement. To create the color version, in Adobe Photoshop® we added a "ground" (shaded brown with "noise") and sky from a sunset photo from our photo archive. Colorizing of the radar unit to match the sunset colors completed the piece, which is shown below.

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Finally, to appreciate the detail in this image, below is a closeup of the "barrel" of the radar unit. Again, move your cursor over the greyscale image to toggle your view to the
"wire frame" version.

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