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This part of our Portfolio presents Illustrations that
Luke Melton has designed.

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Luke Melton — ILLUSTRATIONs 6

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The graphic above is an illustration Latitude 28 Design and Marketing created for Planet Partnership, a firm in Tampa, Florida that advises corporations on making their businesses more environmentally sustainable. This graphic, incorporated into Planet Partnership's curriculum on Climate Change, illustrates why the melting of glaciers and Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves can cause a significant rise in coastal sea levels, while melting of ice bergs and other floating forms of ice will not.

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This graphic, also used in the Climate Change curriculum, illustrates why the melting of snow and ice cover in the Arctic, Antarctic, and in the form of glacier and snow fields, contributes to the increased warming of the earth's atmosphere: white snow and ice reflect the majority of the sun's energy that impinges on it, causing heat to be reflected back into space; darker areas of soil and water where white snow and ice covering has melted, on the other hand, absorb solar radiation and heat up. Heat from these areas is later radiated back into the atmosphere, where it is trapped by atmospheric carbon dioxide and other greehhouse gases.

The two illustrations shown here are part of a series of illustrations Latitude 28 Design and Marketing created for Planet Partnership, which used the graphics in their educational courses aimed at helping businesses become more environmentally responsible.

Latitude 28 Design and Marketing was responsible for all aspects of the creation of these graphics, including concept, photo compositing, illustration, and copywriting.

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