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This part of our Portfolio presents Manipulated Photos that Luke Melton
has created.

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On the following pages are examples of Luke Melton's ability to modify photographic and illustrative images using the tools available in such graphics applications as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® and Corel Painter®. Modifications include changing an image's tonal values, color, texture, etc to create, perhaps, more dramatic images than the original. Images may also be modified by adding or changing textural aspects of elements.

Or, changes may be for practical purposes, such as removing or softening shadows, enhancing details in shadow areas, adding detail to highlights, modifying perspective, removal of unwanted elements such as telephone wires, traffic signs, facial hair and blemishes, etc.

This technique is called Photo manipulation, which is somewhat different than Photo Compositing. Image manipulation involves modifying an existing image in specific ways. The manipulated image looks much like the original but certain elements in the image will have been removed, enhanced or changed in some way.

Photocompositing is the art of making an essential new image by creatively combining several photographs, illustrations and/or other design elements to create a single, unified image that communicates a message. Image compositing may also involve superimosing, or using a variety of blending, opacity and/or fading techniques. Many of the same digital techniques, however, are used in both instances.

Please visit the "Photo Composition" portion of this site to see examples of images that Luke has created using a wide variety of compositing techniques.

The images on the following pages were manipulated from high-resolution (300 dpi) digital photographs that Luke shot, that were downloaded from stock photo CDs, or images that were scanned from photographic transparencies he shot specifically for use in an advertisement or project.

Note that for some images you can click on a photo to view a "rollover" image of the original photo that was used to create the final manipulated image. We encourage you to do so, since comparing the original image with the final image gives you a clearer idea of what compositing techniques were used in creating the final image.


to view several representative examples of photos
that Luke Melton has manipulated