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This part of our Portfolio presents Manipulated Photos that Luke Melton
has created.

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Luke Melton — Photo Manipulation 1

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This set of graphic images was created for use in a one-half page vertical advertisement in AMC Publishing's monthly Agents Sales Journal, shown below. Luke Melton designed the ad.

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The original photo of a radar "farm" (image A, below) taken from a photo CD, is a great shot but it lacked real color or drama; it was also tonally flat.

So, Luke made copies of A and applied a variety of Adobe Photoshop's® tools to change color, posterize some images, apply blending agorithms, and a great deal more in each copy. One of the versions that resulted was image B, which exhibits terrific color and eye appeal. However, Luke didn’t feel that in this version the main elements, the satellite dishes, were the visual focus, as he wished; he wanted the radar dishes to appear more prominently against a darker background.

After a bit of "fiddling" with Photoshop's® tools, Luke settled on image C as the one I would use in the advertisement.

These are manipulated images. Each of the three versions above are the same shot, but many elements – color, tone, contrast, etc. – have been modified. Unlike composited images, Luke neither added nor removed any element that appears in the original photo.

The message of the ad is that AMC's three major publications, combined with the company's excellent lists of insurance agents around the country, are a potent arsenal of tools that insurance marketers can use to identify, contact and contract agents to work for them.

This ad did so well in attracting marketers when it appeared in the Agent's Sales Journal that Luke was asked to rework it to run as a full-page ad in Insurance Marketing Magazine, as well. The ad was so popular, in fact, that after it initially ran AMC Publishing received a number of requests from other advertisers who wanted their ads to look "just like" the radar ad.

At the time he designed this ad, Luke was the Art Director, Marketing Director and Production Manager at AMC Publishing.