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This part of our Portfolio presents Sell Sheets and Data Sheets Luke Melton has designed.

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The graphic above is a portion of a sales sheet Luke Melton created for Nirvana Massage, an independent massage firm located in Tampa, Florida. To view the full sales sheet, which was also used as a full-page magazine advertisement, please CLICK HERE.


This section of our Portfolio features Sales and Data Sheets designed by Luke Melton, and his marketing communications firm, Latitude 28 Design and Marketing, for a variety of clients.

Sales and Data Sheets are marketing materials that a sales person can leave with a potential client at the end of a sales call, or as information sheets that can be sent to potential or existing clients to provide details about a product or service. Sales and Data sheets are often inserted into pocket folders that are sent to clients to inform them concerning a company's products and/or services.

Sales and Data Sheets are generally printed on letter-size paper stock, either on one or both sides.


to view several representative examples of Sales and Data Sheets
that Luke Melton has designed