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This part of our Portfolio presents Brochures and Pocket Folders that Luke Melton has designed.

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Luke Melton – BROCHURES

Even in this day of on-line marketing and using a company web site to inform existing and potential customers about your company and its products and services, traditional printed marketing collateral still plays a vital role in successful marketing efforts.

It's a mistake to think that a business card and a good web site are all you need to successfully market yourself and your company these days. Brochures work in part because people still enjoy having something tangible left behind at the end of a productive sales call; people still appreciate receiving a marketing piece that provides details about a company's products (along with an enclosed cover letter printed on company stationery, a pricelist and a quote) in the mail as a followup to a phone call.

Printed materials will always have a valued place in the pantheon of marketing options, so it's a good idea to have your printed material designed by someone who knows how to do design it well.

This section of our Portfolio presents examples of brochures and pocket folders that Luke Melton has designed for a variety of clients over the years.

These include standard 4-panel brochures, pocket folders with 1 or 2 pockets. Other forms of brochures — single sheets, bifolds, and trifolds — are shown in the "SELL/DATA SHEETS" and "BIFOLDS/TRIFOLDS" sections of the Portfolio.


to view several representative examples of Brochures
and Pocket Folders Luke Melton has designed