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This part of our Portfolio presents Logos Luke Melton
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Luke Melton – LOGOs Home
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The graphic above is the logo Luke Melton designed for, a social networking site that allows people to interact with one another when in the same place, even though they've never met. View other iterations of the MoxySpot logo HERE.

Logo design is a specialized art. A logo should, at its best — in a single, unique, distinctive and powerful graphic form — capture the essence of a company, organization or product. That's a great deal to expect from a single, often simple, as a result, creating a really great logo is not an easy undertaking.

A logo is, in many ways, the most visible symbol of the entity with which it is identified. The logo designer, therefore, has a particular responsibility to ferret out the true spirit of a client and create a beautiful, appropriate and memorable image to represent a company, service or product to it's public.

A successful logo must be highly versatile, equally able to represent the client's company in a wide variety of uses — in color, in greyscale, in solid black, on vehicles, on billboards, in sizes small and large — and remain instantly recognizable and impactful.

Essentially, great logos are timeless.

Luke Melton believes that in designing logos for his valued clients he has succeeded in meeting the above requirements.

On the following pages are some of the many logos Luke has designed for clients — private and corporate. The majority were created initially in Adobe Illustrator® and then imported into Adobe Photoshop® or Corel Painter® for tweaking or the adding of special effects.

In many cases, he has also used specialized graphics software — Alien Skin®, Digital Juice®, or Auto FX®, for example — to great advantage.


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Luke Melton has designed

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