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This part of our Portfolio presents Postcards that
Luke Melton has designed.

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Luke Melton – POSTCARDs 1

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— Scroll down to view the mailer side of this postcard —

Luke Melton designed this postcard as a marketing piece for the swimming pool and spa division of Artesia Pure Water Solutions, a Clearwater, Florida-based distributor of water treatment systems for the home, swimming pools and spas.

Artesia is a new company, and this postcard, and the corporate logo and brochures Luke designed, are part of the overall branding of the new firm. The logo, with its use of a stainless steel square and a bright blue drop of water, is quite distinctive (view a larger, more detailed view of the Artesia logo HERE, and the brochure for the company's unique, chlorine- and salt-free purification system for swimming pools and spas by clicking HERE).

Luke selected the intense blue of pure, clean water and the purity and cleanliness of a white background as consistent design elements that are used throughout all of Artesia's marketing collateral.

Luke was responsible for the creation of this postcard in its entirety, including concept, copywriting, design and layout.

Below is the mailer side of the Artesia swimming pool purification system postcard.

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